Living and working in Monaco and Russia, Andrei Sharov is an artist and designer, working often in the fashion industry, both in womenswear and menswear. He also has designed costumes for the cinema and theatre, as well as avant-garde fashion applications.


Andrei Sharov — Russian multidisciplinary artist. Sharov’s paintings are full of expressive energy and emotion, transforming classical motifs – such as the nude female subject of Ingres’ Grande Odalisque – into bursts of color and saturated, skittish brush strokes in distinct opposition to the work it references, which is marked by a smooth, clean painterly classicism. This rearticulation conveys not only Sharov’s mood and temperament towards his subject matter, but also the overall state of our contemporary culture, defined as it is by intense energy and its fast-paced nature.

This is also reflected in the way he prefers to paint; he eschews preliminary sketches and prefers to work spontaneously in bursts of energy, defining moments of time to push beyond perceptual and sensorial boundaries of the known, familiar, and ordinary.

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In 1992 Sharov was invited by theater director Roman Viktyuk to work on his play “The Collector.”

Over the past twenty years he has worked with many leading theaters in Moscow, including the Mossovet State Academic Theatre, The Theatre of Satire, Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya, Maly Theatre , The Central Academic Theatre of the Russian Army, Moscow Theatre, The Oleg Tabakov Theatre, Praktika Theatre, and the Moscow Sovremennik Theatre.

In 1997 Sharov received the “Chaika”(“Seagull”) award for best costume designer for the production Prêt-à-porter, while more recently, in 2011, he received the Texture Festival’s theatrical award for the play Nebozhitely (Celestials) at Praktika Theatre, for which served as artistic director.

Formula 1

Sharov was invited in 2006 to design a car for the Renault F1 Team in the Formula 1 Grand Prix Turkey. The car received the nickname “Turkish comet” and was recognized as the one of the most beautiful cars in the race.


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Solo exhibitions:

Andrei Sharov. Zeppelin Gallery. Moscow. Russia.

Andrei Sharov. Bank UBS Gallery. Monte-Carlo. Monaco.
Andrei Sharov. Moscow in Paris. W Matignon Gallery. Paris. France.

Art Nocturnal. Japanese garden. Monte-Carlo. Monaco.
Anarchy, Sovremennik Teatre. Moscow. Russia.

Art Nocturnal. Japanese garden. Monte-Carlo. Monaco.
Andrei Sharov. Federation Tower. Moscow. Russia.

Andrei Sharov. Atlas Art Gallery. Moscow. Russia.

Anna Karenina. Malaya Bronnaya Theater. Moscow. Russia.

Theater History. NB Gallery. Moscow. Russia.

B. Vian. Foam of days. Foreign Literature Library with a support of French Cultural center. Moscow. Russia.

Once, during last summer T. Williams. NB Gallery. Moscow. Russia.

Andrei Sharov. HFMTI Showroom. Moscow. Russia.

Group Exhibitions:

Art Nocturnal. Japanese garden. Monte-Carlo. Monaco.

“Art Basel 2011”, La piaggia. Miami. USA.

Art-Construction-2. Praktika Theater. Moscow. Russia.

Art-Construction. Praktika Theater. Moscow. Russia.

Mutual Responsibility and Co. Tushinskiy Showroom. Moscow. Russia.
Andrei Sharov. Art Mif. Moscow. Russia.

Andrei Sharov. Art Mif. Moscow. Russia.

Andrei Sharov. Ten Gallery. Kiev. Ukraine.

Art Fairs:

Art Paris. Paris. France
Art Wynwood. Miami. USA
Art Palmbeach. West Palm Beach. USA

SELECT | Contemporary Art Fair Miami. USA
Art Hamptons. Bridgehampton. NY. USA.
Silicon Valley Contemporary. USA.
Art Monaсo. Monaсo.
Art Paris. France.

Miami International Art Fair. USA.


Phillips. Under the Influence. London. UK.
Sotheby’s. Contemporary Art Day. NY. USA

Christie’s. Interiors. NY. USA.

Christie’s. Interiors. NY. USA.

Andrei Sharov