Sculptor. Born in Azov, Russia in 1972.
In 2006 Graduated from St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry.

From 2006 to 2008 taught at the Department of drawing of St. Petersburg Academy of Art and Industry.
Since 2004 engaged in exhibition activity

Zhukov is an artist who consistently works with abstraction. Creating incredible sculptures of metal that fit organically into the surrounding space

An enormous number of hard work and artists energy invested into sculpture. It is as if alive, it pulses and moves.

Zhukov believes that creativity is the research process, as a science, just in a sense. And the conclusions in this process is not verbal, but sensual. Sensory perception is also output. The artist creates reality.

He lives in Karelia, his house and studio are located directly in the forest. Therefore, he is inspired by nature, winter forest, cliffs, water. Sometimes, from sketch to the finished sculpture is held a year. His material is metal. It includes 4 elements: earth, water, fire, air. It is alive and flowing, and hard at the same time. It allows something or something does not allow to work with them,  in this interaction is born sculpture.

Zhukov creates art that does not need additional interpretation

His goal is to make the viewer stop, distracted even for a moment from the bustle and try to feel the sculpture. Think about it, get your own sensual experience.

WordPress Gallery Extra

«Live Stream» personal exhibition Inner Voice gallery, St.Petersburg
sculpture «Nord Totem» for Sculpture park in Switzerland (opening in 2018)

«Reversion» exhibition.”MARS”, Contemporary Art Center, Moscow.
ArtHelsinki 2016 Helsinki, Finland
implementation of the sculptural project for the 11th international festival of landscape objects ARCHSTOYANIE
«Steambaroque» the joint project with Vlad Kul’kov at the Elaginostrovsky museum.

“PANOPTICON” The Special Project for the VI Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art
“CRYPTO”, The group exhibition at the State Philharmonic Hall St. Petersburg, curator Vlad Kul’kov
“Nord Art 2015” Büdelsdorf, Germany
Museum of Urban Sculpture “workshop Anikushina”

Exhibition “For Internal Use Only.” Gallery “ART re.FLEX”, St.-Petersburg

“ArtHelsinki 2011” Helsinki, Finland
“Movement, dance, form” The State Russian Museum,  St.-Petersburg

«Dysfashional» the joint project with designer David Koma, Center for Contemporary Culture “Garage”, Moscow
«Nord Art 2010» Budelsdorf, Germany.

2009 – 2010
Implementation of the sculptural project for the Museum of Contemporary Art “Erarta”, St. Petersburg.

Group exhibition “GiperUvelichenie”. Zhukov – sculpture, Nesterov – photos. The Library and information and cultural center of the music and art of Mayakovsky.

Group exhibition “DNA.” Zhukov – sculpture, Gorbunov – painting. ART re.FLEX Gallery, St. Petersburg
Personal exhibition “PP”. ART re.FLEX Gallery, St. Petersburg

“Dialogues”, Central Exhibition Hall “Manege” St. Petersburg
“Workshop 2007” Museum of Modern Art. Moscow.
Exhibition of Young Art in the Central House of Artists, Moscow

“Epigraph” exhibition. ART re.FLEX Gallery, St. Petersburg
«The first session of young art» Museum of Urban Sculpture, St. Petersburg.

“The Ark” Manege St. Petersburg.

2003 – 2005
Exhibitions of St. Petersburg Union of Artists.