YOmoYO – a project founded by the artist Maxim Svishёv in 2016. My works are bundles of emotions, symbiosis of computer and animated characters, silicone and plastic toys, combination of 3D graphic world and wildlife. Abstract creatures generated by conscious formed in the era of internet, television, countless gadgets, posts in social accounts, likes, news feeds, accounts and other manifestations of contemporary reality. Nature is very important for me – its rhythm, forms and plastic. I combine it with the plastic and rhythm of metropolis streets with its traffic, advertising spam, stress, the race for the attention and thirst to sink in multifarious entertainments. Thuswise my creatures are essentially civilization mutants. These works are some kind of meditation on the possibility of saving live soul in the technological computerized environment. The opportunity to stay a life-being, not bio robot in nowadays world.

Maxim Svishёv, born on 31.05.1982 in Leningrad city.
Maxim Svishёv is an artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, whose creative activity is related with computer graphic and animation. The works are kind of gameplay with space that turns out to be a window into a new reality created by mix of video content, volume and sound. Maxim finds his own patterns and icons and uses creative technologies to implement his ideas. His artworks were presented in different exhibition projects all over the world: New York, Blois, Torino, Sao-Paulo, Berlin, Seoul, Venice, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kiev and Perm. He is the winner of Sergey Kuryokhin’s prize, the nominated artist for “Innovation” prize award and owns a special prize of the French Embassy – the “Innovation” award.

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Solo exhibitions 

“Insects” in the gallery “Anna Nova”, St. Petersburg

“Lounge” Gallery “XL”, Moscow

“Our Masha” in the gallery “Anna Nova”, St. Petersburg

Exhibitions & Festivals 

“Brighter Days are Coming” Street Art Museum, Saint-Petersburg

“Video forma”, Kuryokhin center, Saint-Petersburg
“Carrousel”, “Zdes” gallery on Taganka, Moscow
“The longest night in the year”, French Institute in Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg
“1st (not) International Art Conference without money”, residency of art and technology “Quartariata”, Peterghof, Saint-Petersburg

Audio-visual exhibition “Life zone” in Art Center “Mars” in Moscow. The exhibition runs from 02.27.15
Audio-visual exhibition “The fifth dimension/ singularity”in Art Center “Mars” in Moscow. The exhibition runs from 06.27.15
“Mutual story”, Ural Vision Gallery, Ekaterinburg

“VISÕES NA COLEÇÃO LUDWIG” “Visions of the Ludvig Collection”. CENTRO CULTURAL BANCO DO BRASIL- SP,Sao Paulo, Brazil
“Manifesta 10”, parallel program, the Arena Cadet Corps, Saint Petersburg
“Rigor and beauty”, Ural Vision Gallery, Ekaterinburg


“Apocalypse and the revival of” the chocolate house, in a parallel program ARSENALE 2012, the first Kiev International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Kiev, Ukraine
Festival of video art – “Monumental projection in the Industrial area” Sao Paulo, Brazil
“Changing Landscapes-1” premiered at the Capital of Nowhere exhibtion at Università Ca ‘Foscari in Venice, Italy, as a as a side event of the “55th Biennale of Contemporary Art”, Venice, Italy.

“Art Edition 2011”, Seoul, Korea
“Light” French Institute in St. Petersburg. Factory “Red banner”

Russian video showing in New York under the “VIDEO SERENADE”, EFA Project Space, NY
“The Fountain of Bakhchisarai” Bloa, France
“Parratissima”, Turin, Italy
“Kai and a blind spot” in “Т” gallery, Tokyo, Japan

XIV Biennial of young artists from Europe and the Mediterranean “Skopje biennial 2009”, Macedonia
“Vision”, Perm, museum of modern art PERMM

“Fields memory” in “Loft Project ETAGI” Cultural center, Saint-Petersburg
“The power of water” in the State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg
“Object Salon” in “White space” gallery, London
“The first-ever International Video art Festival”, Orebro, Sweden
“INVASION : EVASION” factory “Red October”, Moscow